WCI Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure: WCI is an international organization founded in 1986 that unites individual women’s clubs throughout the world. WCI coordinates and facilitates the exchange of information and activities of its clubs and their members.

Our mission is to promote friendship and understanding among women of all nations without regard to political, cultural and religious differences.

We are a corporation, not an individual club. We do not fundraise, or promote any charity; and are nonreligious and apolitical. WCI is an all volunteer non-profit organization consisting of more than 20 clubs with an aggregate membership of over 1,500 individual members.

WCI Board of Directors: WCI is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the President of each member club and a WCI Liaison from each club. Each member club has one vote on the Board. The Board of Directors votes on any proposed changes to the WCI bylaws and other major organizational matters and also suggest new programs and directions to the WCI President and Executive  Committee. The Board meets annually in the Spring. The WCI President is elected for a term of two years by the Board of Directors and has overall responsibility for directing WCI day-to-day operations and ensuring fulfillment of WCI’s goals and responsibilities.

WCI Executive Committee: The President is elected by the Board of Directors and she appoints an Executive Committee to assist her in these duties during her term. Both the President and the Executive Committee sit on the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee meets two times a year. The President and Executive Committee serve for a term of two years, commencing July 1 through June 30.

WCI and its affiliated member clubs are independent, non-political and non-religious. All WCI Officers and Executive Committee members are volunteers. WCI employs no paid personnel to operate its organization and maintains no physical office space.

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