WCI links independent women’s organizations around the world who share a common goal of cross-cultural interaction and education, promoting understanding and friendship among women of all nations.

Daily, multicultural interaction throughout the world requires us to understand and respect the differences among diverse societies.

WCI member clubs reach out to women of many different nationalities. Members share a common commitment to cross-cultural understanding, knowledge and friendship. Many clubs also engage in charitable and civic activities within their communities.

Learning about other cultures is a fascinating and rewarding journey, a journey that enriches life immeasurably. It is also a journey of self-discovery, learning more about yourself and your own culture.

By joining WCI, your organization

  • Reaches out in friendship to women around the world
  • Networks with similar clubs, sharing experiences and exchanging ideas with a global community
  • Gains a broader understanding of the rich cultural heritage and traditions that have shaped the world’s societies
  • Participates in International Conferences, discussing relevant issues from varied cultural viewpoints
  • Becomes part of a growing organization striving to make a difference in our world

WCI invites you to join us in this journey. Every step taken to broaden our understanding of each other is a step toward creating a world in which we can all live together in friendship.

We are women making a difference through the power of friendship.


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