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Sister Clubs

Friendship. Understanding. Education.

Since our founding in 1986, Welcome Clubs International (WCI) has grown in a positive direction thanks to our Member Clubs.

Browse our listing to find a WCI Member Club near you!

AGIWA Logo.png

Anglo-German International Women's Association e.V.

BrowardIWC Logo.png

Broward International Women's Club


FIWAL Logo.png


Federation of International Women's Associations in London

IWCHamburg Logo.png

International Women's Club of Hamburg e.V.

IWCI Logo.png

International Women's Club Israel

IWCNewEngland Logo.png

International Women's Club of New England

IWCPhiladelphia Logo.png

International Women's Club of Philadelphia


IWCPortoAlegre Logo.png

International Women's Club Porto Alegre

(Rio Grande do Sul)

WelcColoradoIC Logo.png

Welcome to Colorado International Club


WFLIC Logo.png

Welcome to Florida International Club


WelKoreaIC Logo.png

Welcome to Korea

International Club

WelLondoIWC New Logo.png

Welcome to London 

International Women's Club


Welcome to Taipei

International Club

WTurkCypIC Logo.png

Welcome to Turkish Cyprus Club

WelWashingtonIC Logo.png

Welcome to Washington International Club

(District of Columbia)

WIBorderC Logo.png

Women's International 

Border Club


WIC Jakarta Logo.png

Women's International Club Jakarta

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