theLINK connects individuals of Affiliate and Associate Member Clubs around the world with the Welcome Clubs International (WCI) organization by sharing news about their club events and activities. Over 90 nationalities are represented by the membership. In addition, theLINK reports on meetings of the WCI Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Articles address topics such as the role of women in different cultures, as well as their customs and traditions. WCI continually expands the scope and content of theLINK to resonate with the concerns and suggestions of its membership.
theLINK is published biennially. The first edition 
was published in July 2001.

It may be viewed online or downloaded without restriction.

Volume 8  •  Winter 2017/2018

Volume 7  •  Fall 2013

Volume 6  •  Winter 2011/2012

Volume 5  •  Winter 2009/2010

Volume 4  •  Spring 2008

Volume 4  •  Summer 2007

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